I began taking photographs as a child using the only camera in the house - my father's Kodak Brownie box camera. My father used it mainly to document the main events in our lives whereas I, when he permitted me to use it, was drawn to photograph what I liked about the world around me, landscapes, flowers, animals, etc. As time passed, the limitations of the box camera became all too obvious and I began looking for suitable alternatives. Sadly I found that the alternatives were few and far between in my price bracket and, due to a lack of funds and the frustration of being unable to achieve what I wanted, my photography took a back seat to everything else that was going on at the time. Nearly forty years later I'm still fascinated by the world around me, photographing landscapes, seascapes, the elements, trees, plants and flowers - basically anything related to natural history.

Among the people who have influenced me most is Ansel Adams. Ansel achieved amazing things using his camera and black & white large format media. My wife and I recently visited an exhibition of his work at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich and came away with the poster for the exhibition which carries the image 'The Tetons and the Snake River' from Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, 1942 - absolutely stunning.

Although I've yet to reach the standards he achieved, I hope my images convey the ever changing nature of the world around us, exploring, as they do, both the vastness and the minute detail in all that I see.

If you want to find out what equipment I use, please visit my blog.