As well as a home for feedback on the site/images, this section provides a "Behind the scenes" look into my photographic tools and techniques so will grow over time from sharing information on the equipment that is central to my creative process to the techniques I use to create each image.

The Camera System

Choosing a suitable camera system can take a long time and is a very personal thing, after all it is an extension of your right arm! ...more

Keeping it steady

These days tripods are made from one of two materials - Aluminium or Carbon Fibre, and most professional photographers would choose the latter if asked to do so. However, good carbon fibre tripods are extremely expensive and although they are a little lighter to carry, not significantly so. ...more

Lighting the Subject

As we all know, good lighting is important for the creation of a good image and, in the case of close-up and macro photography, one might say that it is absolutely vital. ...more

Controlling the Light

For landscapes, seascapes and so forth, it will often be necessary to adjust exposure for all or part of each frame. In these circumstances it is necessary to use filters to balance the light levels of, for example, the sky and the landscape ...more